Allentown Main Studio

166 Allen St. 
Buffalo, NY 14201

The Buffalo Foundry 

(inside East Meets West Yoga)
1738 Elmwood Ave. 
Buffalo, NY 14207

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We opened our doors in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood in 2002.  Since then we have grown to nurture many longtime clients and now occupy two spaces.  

At the Pilates loft we practice contemporary Pilates, with a focus on functional and efficient movement, in a safe and inclusive environment. We pay attention to detail and instruct with intention.  We aim to keep our clients strong, resilient, and able to do all the things they love in life. 

We  offer Mat classes, which are the basis of the Pilates Method.  We also offer small group equipment classes on the Towers, Reformers, and with Suspension Straps.  Owner, Beth Elkins Wales, employs only two teachers, which assures the highest quality and consistency in all classes. Click here to learn more about our teaching staff.  

Professional Affiliations
The Pilates Loft is proud to be supported through professional affiliations with Dorothy Foigelman-Holland, Physical Therapist/owner of Ken-Ton Physical Therapy, as well as Dr. Elyssa Bourke, Bourke Chiropractic

National Pilates Teacher Training Affiliation
The Pilates loft is a Core Dynamics Teacher Training Facility. 




What should I wear?

We will work barefoot or in socks, so be prepared for either. Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in; your clothing should not require adjusting and should not feature zippers or snaps. Please do not wear bulky jewelry or heavily-scented lotions or perfumes; long hair should be pulled back.  We want you to be free from worry about your attire and ready to focus inward.

What should I bring?

The Pilates loft has mats for your use and any equipment you could need.  Both locations have filtered water and changing rooms.  The Foundry location has showers.

Where should I park?

Allentown—There is metered parking on the street and free parking on Park Street.  If you are visiting the studio outside of work hours, you can park in the Hamilton, Houston, and Lownie Architect’s lot, just west of our building.

The Foundry— You can park in any spot labeled East Meets West Student parking.  If there is available parking along the building, use that.  If you must use the double spots, please pull all the way in and ask at the front desk for a sign to be placed on your car indicating what time you will be leaving.  Outside of business hours, you can also park in the spots labeled Buffalo Spree.

Both locations are on bus routes and have bike racks!

Do you teach Classical Pilates?

We do not teach strictly classical Pilates; we are constantly creating movement and devising patterns geared to benefit the specific body we have in front of us. However, we absolutely honor and respect the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates, we rely on their principles, and make calculated adjustments to their brilliant body-of-work with purpose and integrity.

The Pilates loft enforces a 24-hour cancellation policy. Simply remove yourself from a class on StudioBookings site or app by clicking My History, where you will find a list of all the classes for which you have registered. Cancellations prior to 24-hours (of the start of the class) will be fully refunded. 

We ask that you do not wear fragrances of any kind or clothing with zippers.  

Cell phone usage should be kept to a bare (and very quiet) minimum.

Studio Policies